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long lasting partnership with the best teams 

Winning is just a matter of know-how

 We help your team perform at its full potential.


We provide  custom made solution based on your needs in a fast and competitive way.  We design software, hardware and wiring systems as our team covers different skillsets  with professionals that  work in synergy to create your custom product.

shelf & custom PRODUCTS

Clients can commission prototype and series production.

  We also  have a variety of “race proof” electrical and electronic products and systems that are designed with racing’s harsh conditions in mind.  From design to production and development   the company meets requirements quickly and efficiently while keeping a competitive price.


The company offers a wide range of consultancy and production services both track and workshop side to help with vehicular testing and racing.

Our Strong Suits

Problem Solving

Every innovation has its specific challenge, but we have the right skill set, know- how and technology to design the custom solution to your every necessity.


All members of our team are passionate about motorsport and they constantly work to improve and perfect Next Solution’s products and systems.


We value innovation above all things. It’s the driving force that made our company what is today and that keeps it growing.

Custom products re-imagined

We can transform our shelf products to fit your needs in order to reduce time and cut the cost for development and production


Only the best and newest technologies are used, at Next Solution’s workshop, to guarantee top performances and winning products.


We pride ourselves with our trusted network of partners and suppliers that guarantee the use of the best quality components.

custom solutions

Thanks to the long term expertise in producing race hardware and software, we have developed a wide know-how that gives us the chance to custom a product or solve a problem faster than others. Our team is a compound of professionals with different skills and expertise who work in synergy to give you the best product possible.


Third Party Production

Our team and it’s know-how are able to support you and your need for a specific design, of diagram system or hardware, that you can later manufacture at your workshop.

In house manufacturing

We have a state of the art workshop with machinery with which we can bring your product from prototyping, trough production and to vehicle installation.  

Shelf products

We have been working with professional clients building systems for harsh conditions leading to the development of a wide range of products based on customer’s need. The company has a wide range of shelf products and tailor made products to suit each car specific measurements



A wide range of powerful led lights to suit all your racing needs.

  • Ultra Beam 2
  • Ultra Beam 3
  • Taubeam 60
  • Versabeam 1
  • Versabeam 2
  • Thinbeam
  • Rain Light MK1
  • Led Light Controllers

Different electonics to solve some of the most common issues in racing:

  • Pit Timer MK2
  • Add on Display
  • A2C
  • Beacon TX and MX MK2



A telemetry system designed to improve your racing strategy

  • 4G Telemetry MK2



Every race car needs a GPS system

  • GPS 20 Hz MK1
  • GPS 10/20 Hz MK2

Power box


Designed to best distribute currents to your vehicle 

  • PSD 09 MK2

racing accessories


We developed accessories which to assist with racing such as:

  • Drinking System
  • Scale to weight racing veichles 

Race Services

Years of field work with the best teams and pilots have made Next Solution’s services ones of the most appreciated. We offer:

  • Work-shop Consultancy;
  • Track Side Consultancy;
  • Vehicular Testing;
  • Custom Solutions.

Wiring and Harnesses

Next Solution design wiring schematics following the process all trough prototyping and production thanks to state of their art software and hardware equipment. The company also offers design and prototype services to those manufacturers that wish to produce the final wiring themselves.

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